It’s the last chance for charitable tax deductions for 2021!

Please help Healthy Moves so we can be ready for the coming year and our kids, teachers and parents that are waiting for us to help get them moving; back in the gym, on the playgrounds and in homes around our community!

We need your continued support to grow our Healthy Moves programs so that our community can prosper in the coming year. If you are able to support Healthy Moves financially, please go to our donation page and give what you can. Thank you and may you have a Happy New Year filled with health and wellness.
Peace and Kindness, Denise Thomas Healthy Moves, ED

Special thanks to the Choose Kindness Foundation and Executive Producer Douglas Carnine, and many thanks to the parents of the children involved in the video production.

Healthy Moves has teamed up with the Choose Kindness Foundation to create this vibrant, inclusive video utilizing the talents of Healthy Moves Staff and partners and showcasing a talented group of local children as participants. The catchy, happy song used as a backdrop to the action encourages all to ‘Choose Kindness and Pass It Along’ by counting down various ways individuals can commit acts of kindness towards others in their daily lives.

The mission of the Choose Kindness Foundation is to increase well-being and happiness in individuals, organizations, and communities by providing “kindness grants” in four focus areas: schools, workplace, social services, and public safety. This mission plays perfectly into Healthy Moves focus as a nonprofit organization bringing movement, fitness and fun to elementary students by providing trainers to work with students and their teachers to demonstrate fitness activities and provide models for the teachers to use in their PE classes.

Join Healthy Moves free online physical movement classes!

We provide structured sessions for kids to build strength and coordination while burning

some energy and participating in fun, safe and healthy physical movement activities!

Contact Denise at to sign up and to get your Zoom invite to the classes.

These classes can be done in small spaces and are perfect for distance learning.

Join us Monday and Wednesday mornings:
10-10:30 am for kindergarten-2nd grades
10:30-11:00 am for 3rd-5th grades