Healthy Moves PE Recess Program

PE Recess Program is designed to assist elementary schools in achieving
more minutes towards the Oregon Department of Education mandate of 150 minutes of PE per week. This is an increase from 60 minutes per week. In order to have PE Recess activity minutes count toward the ODE mandate all students must participate in the program.

PE Recess is 15 minutes long and can be offered 2-5 times a week, usually
during the morning recess time. PE Recess is organized with age-appropriate activities, separating into two age groups: k-2nd grades and 3rd-5th grades.

The program is designed to offer 2-3 days of motor skills and 2-3 days of
hand eye skills. For example: M, W, F can be motor skills and T, Th can be hand eye skills.

Teachers and administrators can also be trained to continue the program once Healthy Moves residency is complete