Healthy Moves Trainer in Residence II

The Basics: This is a program for elementary schools that need aid in the PE classroom. Healthy Moves partners with these schools to provide the necessary “trainers” to help the teacher during gym time and facilitate movement with the kids. Each Trainer is focused in specialized physical movement skills including (but not limited to): dance, tumbling, circuit training, sport skills (track, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc), frisbee, martial arts, yoga, stretching, and juggling. Trainers are selected based on their positive attitudes and exceptional abilities in their respective sport – and for their love to teach!

In Your Community: Healthy Moves will offer an extensive 2 or 3 week professional development program to classroom teachers at the elementary school level in Lane County. The Trainers will each teach their specialized skill to the teacher during PE class, while working along with students. This is a program that will enlighten students and teachers alike to try new movements during gym class time that elevate mind/body coordination – while having fun! It is an opportunity for students to step out of their comfort zone and learn from their peers, while being taught a new set of skills. This encourages the kids to interact with each other, it builds their confidence, increases their mental/physical stamina, and builds physical literacy that they can use throughout their lifetime. Please see our Healthy Facts page for more information on how physical activity stimulates kids for a lifetime of mind and body fitness.