Jump Start With Healthy Moves

Overview: This is a 30-minute activity program that is done before school on three mornings per week for a minimum of 6 weeks up to the entire elementary school year. A variety of physical activities includes a warm-up, cardiovascular activities, games, and a cool down/yoga stretch. Activities are adapted to be appropriate for each grade. This program is designed to stimulate physical activity for kids in grades one-to-five, and this has the added benefit of preparing them to be able to focus better in the classroom.

Staffing: This program will be done in conjunction with schools that have the Trainer-in-Residence program at their school. Healthy Moves will provide professional trainers for a school year, and then for the program to continue at the school, Healthy Moves will train volunteers (preferably parents or it could be teaching staff) to continue the Jump Start program. Healthy Moves will train these persons in a seven-week training much like the Trainer-in-Residence program. Healthy Moves will do check-ins to provide guidance, answer any questions, and to make sure that the program is going smoothly.

If volunteers are not available to conduct this program for the school year, Healthy Moves can provide a trainer at a fee of $2,400 as a contracted service to the school.

Space accommodation: All that is needed in terms of facilities and equipment is a large open space for children to move.