Board of Directors

Denise Thomas
Marc Siegel
Board President, Grant Writer, Trainer
Sally Madden
Board Member
Lily Lathrop
Board Member
Judith Conrad
Board Member
Lucas Jackson
Board Member
Sandi Thompson
Board Member
Spencer Latarski
Board Member

Office Staff

Inga Wilson
Assistant Director
Lynette Williams
Office Administrator
Stephanie McCarthy
Marketing & Design Assistant
Sonya Itchkavich-Levasseur
Marketing Assistant & Trainer
Storm Kennedy
Community Advisor

Advisory Board

Deb Shelton-Johnson – Head Researcher for Healthy Moves/Oregon Research Institute
Lori Bumgartner – Grant Specialist Advisor
Nancy Webber – Community Activist
George Russell – Community Activist


Erik Quick-Warner
Vicki Anderson
Lisa Marion
Mary Joy Rosenbaum
Joyce Remington
Eric Smtih

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