THANK YOU to Our Partners,
Our Sponsors and NIKE

Our Partners

Our partners include many local establishments that share the same goals for a healthy community. We all know that generating learning and experience begins with our kids, and a lifelong endeavor to maintain a healthy attitude, lifestyle, and body. That’s why we at Healthy Moves try and develop long-term partnerships with our community members to better serve the community at large, one elementary school at a time.

The Alliance for Healthy Families (the Alliance) is an association of six community-based nonprofit organizations working at the intersection of individual empowerment and community health in Lane County, Oregon. The Alliance delivers comprehensive child and family nutrition and activity-based intervention programs to communities whose members are at high risk for food insecurity and chronic health problems. Children are especially vulnerable and providing them and their families with consistent access to fresh and nutritious food and safe and healthy transportation and recreational activities is central to the Alliance’s mission. The Alliance for Healthy Families is comprised of the following nonprofit organizations: FOOD for Lane County, Safe Routes to School, Willamette Farm and Food Coalition, Huerto de la Familia, the School Garden Project, and Healthy Moves.

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are critical to helping bring physical education back to our public schools. From entrepreneurs to local companies to corporations, our sponsors are committed to supporting our initiatives to provide physical education to our youth in a way that will impact their health for the rest of their lives.

Nike + Healthy Moves!

Healthy Moves was selected in 2014 as a grassroots program to be highlighted through an exciting partnership with Nike and their Designed to Move effort. Through this partnership, Healthy Moves initially was to receive a $25,000 grant from Nike. Incredibly, that amount was doubled to $50,000 when the participating Nike+ community as a whole ran and walked 25,000 kilometers by May 1!

We want to thank Nike, the Designed to Move effort, and all of our supporters who participated in this effort by running or walking in order to successfully double the size of the grant. Your moves will allow us to help more local kids.

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This grant was made as part of Nike’s commitment to Designed to Move. Get info about Designed to Move at